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Casa Basso Restaurant has been family owned and operated since 1928. Throughout our 80+ years, the single goal has been customer satisfaction. We achieve this goal by providing the finest Italian cuisine and exceptional service in an atmosphere that is nothing short of amazing. Between the food, the 18th century castle, and the abundance of historic statues, you will not leave our establishment without a feeling of complete satisfaction.

The following is quoted from "The Hamptons Web":

My grandparents loved it, my parents loved it, and I love it, as much for the grounds as for the restaurant. To quote from William Stevens' Discovering Long Island (1939), "...the most bizarre human creation on all Long Island." Referred to therein are the sculptures and edifices dotting the front and side lawns of this fine very upscale traditional Italian restaurant. Be sure to leave plenty of time for this dining experience, as you are visiting an art museum as well. Once you enter, walking under the swords of two twelve-foot-tall concrete fencing musketeers, you will find a miniature castle, prancing horses, nests of horse's heads, lions, mythological characters, etc. The sculptures were created by Theophilus Brower over fifty years ago, and will long designate this little "park" as a local landmark. Oh yes... the restaurant serves a fine array of well-prepared Italian specialty dishes. Don't miss this one, and bring the kids.

For an in depth study into the history of Casa Basso, you can visit our Wikipedia Page.

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